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playtesting.games for single session testing

Test First Time User Experience (FTUE), iterate, repeat

Get data about onboarding/tutorial, first levels, general feel of the game by running single session playtests
First Time User Experience Playtest
Multi-Session Playtest
playtesting.games for multisession testing

Deep insights for D1-D7 with Multi-Session Playtesting

Understand how users perceive your game mechanics and game balance in multiple sessions

These folks get it

Steve Bromley

Games User Researcher


On demand UX report By Steve Bromley

Steve Bromley is one of the worlds best-known games user researchers, and a leader in the games development community. Work with him for your playtests for confidence that you are getting unbiased, world-class quality playtesting and getting reliable results you can trust for important game design decisions.


Test early & often

  • 1

    Work Faster

    Learn from "churned" users and try out tutorial concepts

  • 2

    Extract insights faster

    Run tests on different games and decide what to continue working on

  • 3

    Validate faster

    Test different difficulty levels of AI with ease and find what increases your KPIS the most

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